About Sara C Motta

About Sara C Motta


I am a mestiza salvaje whose wounding and healing are deeply entangled in the histories of exile and loss, and survival, resilience and joy of her Colombia Chibcha/Muisca Indigenous, Polish Jewish and Celtic lineages.

I am a mother to three beautiful souls, storyteller, poet, activist-political theorist, popular educator and Priestess-Dakini in the feminine divine lineages. I have been a teacher-facilitator for over two decades in both formal and popular/autonomous education running courses, workshops in healing justice work embedded within feminine divine decolonising lineages and wisdoms.

My healing journey from the wounds of patriarchal capitalist-coloniality is on-going as is the encountering of new layers of joy and aliveness in the sisterhood/kinship in different lands where are my kin.

I am currently based in the lands of Awabakal/Worimi peoples at an estuary point where salt and fresh waters meet (mirroring my own linages) in the city of Newcastle, NSW, so called Australia.

I have a long history as a writer, and you can find details of my works here on this page and also doted all over the web.

My latest book (2018) Liminal Subjects: Weaving (Our) Liberation (Rowman and Littlefield) winner of the 2019 best Gender Theory and Feminist Book, ISA is my healing baby in which I found my voice and re-membered that the ancestors really did want me to speak (in all the multiple ways we can speak).